Tuesday 28 April 2015
Home / News / Freak accident at Le Bac claims woman's life

The daughter-in-law of a Drakenstein Municipality councillor has died in a freak accident at the family guest farm between Paarl and Wellington.

The incident took place today (4 September) at approximately 13:30 at Le Bac Estate while Almarie du Toit (34) was allegedly on top of a goods lift on her way down from the kitchen to take her husband lunch when the lift allegedly malfunctioned and her head got trapped between the lift and wall. Her husband witnessed the incident. Almarie died on the scene. It is alleged that the lift in question may only carry goods and not people. It was used to transport goods to the upper storey kitchen from the lower level parking area. 

The reason for the malfunction will now be investigated by members of the Department of Labour.

Almarie was the daughter-in-law of Dr Lourens du Toit, councillor for Ward 17 of the Drakenstein Municipality and portfolio holder for environmental affairs, parks and open spaces.
She is survived by her husband Arrie and two young boys, respectively four years old and seven months old.